We go above and beyond to manage our clients property 

Save money

We save you money by making sure you don't lose money!

5 star service

We ensure you receive the communication and service you deserve.

The right tenants

Experienced leasing consultants will find the ideal tenants for your property.

Advanced technology

Using technology to improve the experience for the landlord and tenant.

Regular inspections

Regular routine inspections to ensure your property is well looked after.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not happy with our service at any time simply stop paying your fees!

A dedicated team

Our entire team has one focus point and that is property management, specialising on our local Gold Coast and Northern Rivers regions. Our technology allows all team members and management to be across your file at anytime and anywhere so that there is full team collaboration ensuring nothing is missed and everything is communicated to you the landlord in an efficient and timely manner. 

Whilst we work in a team to ensure every aspect of your property is taken care of, you will always have a Senior Property Manager who knows everything about your property, you and your tenancy.

We Save you money

We save you money by making sure you don't lose money! 

Our experienced team of property managers based here on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers regions ensure that when your property needs our attention it gets the full team's attention because we understand that when your investment property is poorly managed it doesn't just end with frustration it ultimately ends up costing you money.

Our satisfaction guarantee

At Combynd we've got a lot to offer and we know landlords just want good service and communication. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee.


If you're not happy with our service at any time simply stop paying your fees!

5 star service

This is what we base our entire business around, the dedication we put in each day to ensure you receive the communication and service you deserve. See exactly what is going on with your investment property at any time through your very own property portal, phone calls, text message and emails all used to ensure you do not miss a thing.

The right tenants

Our tenant selection process doesn't just revolve around getting the property leased as quickly as possible. We have a dedicated and experienced leasing consultant who manages the process with the landlord ensuring you're familiar and comfortable with the successful tenants.

Advanced technology

We have created our own technology from the ground up with one thought in mind, how can we use technology to make this experience better for the landlord, tenant and the property managers. Highly detailed workflows use specialized software to ensure nothing is forgotten and everything is documented.

Regular Inspections

Regular routine inspections are an important part of the landlord feeling like their property is getting well looked after and it also provides the tenants with a great opportunity to discuss any ongoing concerns regarding the property.

Have a property you'd like us to manage on the gold coast or northern rivers?

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